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Campanha Publicitária

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Press Announcement

Communication criteria:

Originality: The ad is considered original because it shows our target audience that it’s never too late to challenge ourselves and embark on new experiences, we managed to convey this timelessness through the use of the watch as the main element.
comprehension: The ad was developed in a young perspective since our target are young students, keeping in mind the goal of emphasizing that there is no time limit to collect new experiences and get to know new cultures, wich can be achieved through the I Living Labs project.


Credibility: The advertisement is considered credible since it’s part of a project of the curricular unit Creativity Advertising in partnership with EUDRES. This gives confidence and validity to the transmitted message.


Our campaign was developed based on a timeless, young, challenging and motivating tone as it addresses our target audience with the aim of captivating them to participate in the I Living Labs project where they will find new challenges, live new experiences and get to know new cultures.
The tone that follows the identity of the brand was also taken into account. This brand stands out for being young, innovative, creative, hardworking and enterprising.
In addition to the tone, we followed the marketing positioning strategy previously outlined, that is, very much based on the digital and where communication will be carried out through emails, the official EUDRES website and the platforms of partner universities.​

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This campaign is pointed at our target, as it follows a younger perspective and emphasizes the fact that there is no time limit to embark on new challenges and experience new things. To achieve this, we use the clock as a symbol of time.​

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Instagram Storys

A digital marketing strategy was adopted for the campaign, in which communication will be done through emails, the official EUDRES website and also the platforms of partner universities.
In this way, our campaign is aligned with the positioning strategy of EUDRES. A strong focus is placed on targeted ads for social media such as Insta Stories, in-feed and video ads. These platforms are strategically chosen to reach the target audience in an effective and engaging way.


Instagram Feeds

Ad 1- The campaign respects the promise adopted as it makes reference to the fact that there is no time limit for our target to participate in I Living Labs, by participating in this project they will be able to discover cultures, face challenges and live new experiences.

Instagram Feeds

Ad 2- The development of this campaign aims to increase the awareness of the I Living Labs project and for this we proceed to create advertisements.

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Complement the campaign with direct marketing actions such as emails and sms’s and provide lectures related to the I Living Labs project, this we will be able to respond the campaign goal.

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